Eastern Computer Exchange


Eastern Capabilities


Private/Hybrid/Public Cloud Strategy and Implementation, Artificial Intelligence, Operations Managed Services, Cloud Management Platform Implementation, DevOps Strategies with Container Management and Orchestration Solutions, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solutions, and End User Compute Modernization Solutions (Mobility Management, Virtual Desktops, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Edge Computing, Data Synthesis Managed Services, Identity Management/SSO, Data Center Relocations, and Migrations).


We are highly skilled in the design of advanced Enterprise network architectures.  Our Data Center designs are adaptable and have been implemented worldwide by numerous customers. Eastern’s ability to design, deploy, and troubleshoot helps our customers streamline network operations, reduce cost, and improve total cost of ownership.


Eastern’s technology expertise is an integral part of any cyber security program.  We partner with industry-leading security product manufacturers and possess an intimate knowledge of best-of-breed technologies and how they work together.  Our knowledge and experience provide our customers with more effective, integrated solutions that exceed requirements.


  • Virtualization: Eastern Virtualization Services is designed to ascertain the technical, financial, organizational, and business aspects of introducing a virtual infrastructure into the customer’s environment by conducting a comprehensive study and build a roadmap for deploying the virtual infrastructure with a focus on maximizing ROI.

  • Migration Services: Eastern leverages homogenous and heterogeneous migrations such as Cloud, Virtual, Data Content/File & Block and Physical Infrastructure Moves to customize a more cost effective platform that is measurable and delivers on ROI expectations.
  • Predefined Assessments: Eastern performs Desktop and Mobility, NSX, HCI, Storage, vSphere Optimization, and Wireless Site surveys and assessments.
  • Resident Services: A staff augmentation role managed by the customer is provided to perform day-to-day operational administration of the IT infrastructure. Resident types include “Technology” who are consultative and project focused, and “Transitional”, focusing on short term staffing that transfers our knowledge to the customer.


You rely on your business systems to run your business. They have years of codified business rules that enable your operation to run efficiently. However, the operating platforms they run on can reach the end of their life and begin constraining your business.  Our customers have engaged us when their hardware has reached its end of life and they have needed to migrate to a more cost effective platform.  We work to deliver demonstrable profit improvement and project success through our platform migration expertise and services.


With a vast knowledge of data protection hardware and software, Eastern guides businesses through the latest portfolio of Dell EMC storage based solutions to meet the most demanding business requirements. Whether your requirements include servers, laptops, remote sites, network attached storage (NAS), email archival, onsite storage, replication across sites or public cloud storage, Eastern can provide the expertise to fully integrate the right data protection and reporting systems solution into your environment.


For each of the Dell EMC storage technologies, Eastern has the expertise to design and implement data replication to meet your business needs. Data replication options include cross site stretched storage, asynchronous or synchronous remote replication, replication to public, private or hybrid cloud, and self-service management of replication technologies.


Eastern services will create a new approach to ensuring the availability of your applications and data, one that can enhance recovery time, or even eliminate downtime completely, to insure businesses can meet their application availability needs.  Eastern has extensive experience with technologies ranging from stretched storage solutions for the ultimate in disaster avoidance to public cloud cold storage.